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Contracting Services

Tarkeeb is an interior contracting Company, based in Kuwait since 2005, we do not offer any design services, we expect the client to come to us with their own design and then we take it from there by doing the following:


  • Full project study to given drawings and we focus on all designs details and we making sure that the drawings are complete for the project completion.

  • Site visit and study all conditions and evaluations.

  • Communicate with designers and owners.

  • Making of related BOQ and project survey.

  • Acquire finishes samples and grant alternatives with durable recommendations.

  • Make MEP and electromechanical drawings for the entire project.

  • Submittals to the landlord and follow-ups.

  • Time schedule and project management.

  • Complete Turnkey works as following:

  • Block walls building and plastering.

  • Waterproofing.

  • Gypsum works with all related plaster.

  • Paintworks.

  • Floor finishing works with the supply and installation all types of materials. 

  • Complete techniques of joinery and wood works with any related paint finish.

  • All types of glass work fabrication.

  • Supply and installation of spider and curtain wall - glass system. 

  • Supply and installation of aluminum composite panels systems.

  • Signage and directional signs work from non-illuminated to illuminated. Channel Letters, Front-lit or back-lit, lightboxes etc.

  • Aluminum works windows, doors or any works.

  • Supply and installation of all types of shutters, Insulated or perforated.

  • Retractable folding doors system.

  • Supply and installation of all kinds of lighting unite of any brand.

  • Civil works ability from Core drilling to slab openings and reinforcing.

  • Full electrical works from MSB and SMSB to DB to all power points outlets.

  • Automatic self-closing doors/drawer mechanisms.

  • Complete Data points installations.

  • HVAC and air-conditioning works, we work based on a proper heat load calculations and site requirements ventilation works. Ability to supply and install machines and duct works to final liners and diffusers outlets.

  • Firefighting sprinklers and Fire alarm work system.

  • Full plumbing and gas works.

  • Custom fine fabrication of furniture units whether its wood, fabric or metal etc.

  • Ability to source and supply lose furniture, whether it's indoor or outdoor.

  • Ability to produce or source, supply, and install any type of office furniture 

  • Outdoor shading systems and awnings.

  • Supply and installation of high-quality hinges and all types of accessories

  • Ability to execute any design no matter how complicated.  

  • The ability to manufacture, export, supply and install any type of office furniture and

  • detachable dividers

  • Supply and installation of shading systems and external umbrellas.

Design Services

To succeed in branding is not about just printing graphics on papers, here at tarkeeb we believe you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects and that is something we do and respect its details for you.

What Should a Brand Do?
Interior Design

Tarkeeb is committed to accommodate the needs of its clients and give them a unique personalized experience by focusing on small details. Therefore, we create creative interior design concept and provide custom designs and make sure we bring to life what our customers’ have in mind. 

Branding is not only about getting your target market to select you over the competition but about getting your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. 

The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:  

· Clearly, delivers the message 

· Confirms your credibility  

· Emotionally connects your target prospects with your            product or services. 

· Motivates your customers to buy 

· Creates User Loyalty  


Naming & Story
Logo & Identity
Menu ​Design

Signage Design

Wall Graphics 

Interior Design

Furniture Design

Lighting Design

Kitchen Design

Wardrobe Design

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