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Tarkeeb Aluminium

Tarkeeb Aluminum is a division zone in our Factory (Shutter and Glass).

  • Large variety of roller shutter doors, insulated, performed, grill types.

  • Large variety of aluminum profile products, aluminum doors, and windows.

  • Large variety of structure glazing’s, space, frames, and spider system.

  • Large variety of stackable and folding doors.

  • Various kinds of glass products.

  • All type of handrails and balustrades.

Tarkeeb Signage & Directional Signs

Tarkeeb sings is a division zone in our factory, which runs an independent workshop with its own wide portfolio and its services includes:

  • Fine fabrications of all signs.

  • Cut out channel letters.

  • Back-lit / front-lit / edge-lit illumination.

  • Internally illuminated light box.

  • Digital Printing.

  • Vinyl printing.

  • Banners.

  • Poles.

  • and Much More...

Tarkeeb Carpentry

Tarkeeb Akhshab has the largest division / section workshop in our factory. The Factory operates using central dust collector. Tarkeeb Factory is fully equipped with the most advanced machineries in the world. Also, fully independent subsidiary joinery manufacturing carpentry workshop in Kuwait. Tarkeeb Akhshab wood factory in Kuwait do serve both Tarkeeb works and any other external entity as it runs on its own.

  • Sold wood fabrication.

  • Modular wood fabrication.

  • All kinds of interior works.

  • Kitchen.

  • Wardrobes.

  • Office furniture.

  • and much more...

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